When Is The Right Time To Chase Your Dream?

Posted on June 17th, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

For 12 years I waited for the “right time” to make big changes in my life. I told myself I would wait until our kids were a little older. I would wait until I found a new job. I had ten things that I would wait for before I took action.

988856_628215387263902_7186499299064274359_nI spent years waiting and all it resulted in was a miserable life. Every day was miserable, every day I dreamed of more. All I did was dream. I never took action on any of those dreams.

When I decided to stop waiting for the right time and took action change happened which lead to all our dreams becoming our reality. Today we live in Maui, Hawaii. I’ve lost 160 pounds and I’m fully supported by my dream.

I don’t say this to brag. I’m not special and I’m definitely not the only person living their dream. Every day people are seeing their dream become their reality and every day is an opportunity for you.

Today is the right time

Stop waiting for the right time because it’s never going to come. Life isn’t a movie where things just “work out.” The right time is right now, today, the very moment after you get done reading this.

Life is too short and we’re not even guaranteed a tomorrow. All we have is today so stop waiting! Make today count! Can you imagine how differently you would live your life if you found out today was your last day on this earth?

You wouldn’t let all your doubts and fears or the negative voices of others keep you from making that day count. That’s how we should live each day. The right time is today and right now.

What dream are you chasing and how are you actively chasing it? 

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  1. Arlen Miller says:

    Contemplating and processing that one. That’s a big deal question. Priorities. Lord, help me refine my life’s acitivities to only what matters and what will ultimately make a difference. I can ask the question, but the kicker: what is my answer?

  2. Waiting for the right moment to start was my problem until I discovered the right moment to start is now. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Great one I was in the same boat. The waiting boat has a lot of passengers.
    I am a writer, speaker, and coach. Teaching dream chasing with a focus on faith and family. This is my dream and though I am not full time I choose to live like it!

  4. TCAvey says:

    My time is limited (like all people) but I commit my days and my plans to God and trust Him to guide me.
    sometimes I can get caught up on “good things” and miss what God is trying to put in front of me. Learning this is making me more aware of my need to go to God on every decision, not just big ones.
    You’re right, we aren’t promised tomorrow so we better make today count!

  5. Is there ever a right moment? I don’t think so. We have to make the moment! If we wait for it, it will never arrive.

  6. Dan Black says:

    YES, right now (today) is the best time to chase our dreams. We will be waiting a long time if we wait for everything to be just right.

  7. Kimanzi, for me, the dream that I chase is to impact this generation with a message of hope, to be a best selling author and basically to earn through my message. For me, the fear of success had been the most debilitating thing…but that is being overcome by a daily dose of action. Thanks for sharing your story.

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