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Posted on July 1st, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

Starting an online business is hard work, especially when you don’t know what business you want to start. When you do have an idea it’s probably too general. That’s exactly how I started out.

It was a good business coach (thanks Gene) that helped me get some clarity and narrow in. From the time I started my onlineIMG_6016 business until the time it actually supported our family was about two years.

I know I could have gotten here quicker if I had been specific from the start. If I could have figured out my target audience and helped them with their biggest struggles.

Getting specific online is the key to standing out. Today I’d like to give you a few specific ideas that you could use to start a killer online business. You may have started something already but maybe these can help you get a little more specific.

These could also touch a chord because you may have experience in one of the areas. Take that experience and combine it with research to create a killer online business.

Interview prep

As I write this there are people all over the world interviewing for jobs. Four years ago I had to hire people for my business and it was a nightmare at times. You may know how to interview well but many people don’t.

A little guidance could help so many people look good in interviews and actually get jobs. You could be that person giving them guidance and create a killer business out of it.

Think about all the things you could offer:

  • Interview prep through one on one/ group coaching.
  • An online course on the interview process.
  • A PDF checklist of what to do before and after an interview.
  • An audio guide of some commonly asked questions in interviews. 

The ideas area limitless. You could then create a ton of free content specifically talking about interviewing at jobs. You can also interview human resource professionals and start the “Job Prep” podcast. 

People will respond like crazy because of how specific it is. The beauty of this is you don’t have to have a huge audience to make money. You will always have an audience because people will always interview for jobs.

As of this writing the domain is available! The content you create would be so specific you wouldn’t have to create it as often. You could have numbers and a bunch of research to back up what you’re saying.

If you have any experience with interviews or job prep this idea could be gold for you. Somebody better run with this one 🙂

Aches and pains

This idea might almost be too general because of all the aches and pains you can talk about. We all have aches and pains so this would be a topic that would appeal to a wide audience.

Maybe you’ve had issues with aches and pains or maybe someone close to you has. Take that experience and learn as much as possible as you can about aches and pains.

Things you can offer:

  1. An e-book on aches and pains and remedies
  2. An online course on the common causes of aches and pains
  3. A PDF of what to do when you get certain aches and pains

Again the ideas are limitless. It would be easy to create compelling content because of all the information out there. The way to stand out would be to add your own unique spin.

You could get even more specific and talk about natural ways to cure aches and pains or only talk about specific aches and pains.

When I was at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy I met a man whose online business is to help people with allergies. At the time I thought the idea was crazy. After talking to him, checking online and seeing that he was making six-figures, I learned a lesson: specific is the way to go. All he talks about is allergies in America and how to cure them. He’s actually very passionate about it.

You can be as passionate with the aches and pains and help people overcome difficult pain. I hope someone who has experience or passion with this topic runs with it! At the time of this writing the domain is available.

Here are a few more ideas:

  1. Human resources online. If you have experience in HR you could be the go to source online for HR professionals or people who just want to get in the mind of an HR person. The domain is available.
  2. Voice problems. Maybe someone wants to be a singer or just has problems talking. You can research voice issues and create content to help people fix those problems. The domain is available.
  3. Domain expert. One of the hardest things online is picking the right domain and that’s where you come in. Create content and products on the ins and outs of domains. The domain is available.
  4. Customer service. Have you ever experienced horrible customer service? We all have and this is an area that many could use training on. That training could come from you! The domain is available.

These ideas are very specific. This will help with creating content and finding an audience. You’ll be able to dig really deep and people with these struggles will buy like crazy.

If you decide to use any of these please email me and let me know how it goes. I would love to feature your story here. What do you talk about online? How can you get more specific? 

P.S. Since Friday is July 4th this will be the only post this week 🙂 Enjoy the holiday and spend that time fully present with your family!

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  1. Abbie Unger says:

    #1 sounds vaguely familiar…..

  2. Nice post. My main focus is, ‘Helping individuals (35-55) lead
    differently by encouraging, equipping and empowering them to realize and
    live out their God-designed vision.

  3. Great businesses for individuals to start immediately. I love Entrepreneurship.. Great post and ideas brother.

  4. What a great and timely post this is Kimanzi. I love it. Seeing that this is the direction am taking, I have devoured this message ravenously. And now my action point is to customize life signatures to be as specific as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dan Black says:

    These are great ideas bro! The key is to find an area of strengths and passions then turn a business into what you love to do. These days anything can be turned into a profit machine.

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