One Day At A Time

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

Man, it’s been a good week so far, I’m really proud of myself. I’ve beaten the struggle and gotten up at five am every morning this week for my run. The run’s were great and I’ve watched my diet.1424545_546887855396656_497489021_n

And then came tomorrow… All that progress down the drain, all the hard work wasted by one minute of weakness. I woke up and had my run, I was doing good on my diet until lunch. Lunch was my downfall, I absolutely pigged-out.

I had my meal all set, my portion was just right, yet I ate that portion plus a bunch of other stuff, I even ate some pure junk food. I ate so much that my stomach hurt and my spirit was broken. I had done good for so long and with one weak moment, my progress was washed down the drain.

Now what?

I sat there that afternoon defeated and wondering was it even worth it to continue to push myself towards my goal of weighing 190 pounds? I’ve already made good progress, right?

That next morning I got up and looked at my running shows, should I put them on? I sat there for a minute going back and forth with myself, there were some pretty convincing arguments for either choice.

As I sat there, it hit me like a ton of bricks, today was a new day! Yesterday was already over and in the books, that big mistake and failure with my diet was all done. Today was a fresh start and I had the power to eat right today and win with IMG_7155my diet.

Boom! The decision was made, I put those shoes one and doubled my run, 10 strong miles in the books, I drank a ton of water that day and crushed my diet, not even a thought of cheating. Man, feels good 🙂

The next morning the alarm clock goes off and the journey and challenges start all over again, will I win today? Here’s a better question: will you win in your journey and dealing with your struggles???

A proven formula for success in chasing your dream

So….. This is your year, right? You’re tired of existing, you’re tired of being in survival mode, this is the year you’re going to make your dream life your real life. I’m excited for you, I remember that exact moment I made the shift in my mind, it was scary but super freeing.

You may start off on this journey and right away see success, until that one day when you just can’t do anything right. Your website goes down, the haters come out of the woodwork, your spouse tells you they hate your latest post. Now what?

How can you still push forward after a failure or an extremely rough time?

You can push forward by taking this journey one day at a time. That’s it. Sound too simple? Everyday we wake up can be a fresh start and a new opportunity, we just have to understand the importance of this principle.

We should have the mindset of planning for the future and making longer term plans but when it comes to the daily grind of taking action on those plans, we have to handle it that way, daily. We can’t think about next week when we haven’t lived and worked on today.

Let me give you an example. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds this year, you can’t lose it all in one month. You have to go through the daily battle of eating right and exercising THAT day and then the next day and the next.

Once you do that consistently EACH day for so many days in a row, the weight starts to come off. Make sense? What about the reason you read this blog? Many here want to create a freedom based online business on the side and growing it to support their family.

You’re not going to start your blog and become Michael Hyatt tomorrow. You have to focus on building your thing one day at a time. Today you write two posts for your blog, tomorrow you write one guest post for a blog speaking to your target audience.

Day three you find groups on social media where your audience is and reach out and be of service to those communities. Day four you send out a letter to your email list offering exclusive but specific value you that helps them accomplish something.

Day five you work on creating your first thing to sell on your website to start making those first few dollars. Day six you answer emails from people asking for your help with something they’re struggling with. Day seven you rest 🙂

You take this big, huge, massive dream and break it down to what you need to work on each day, one day at a time and you grind it out. You don’t try to get it all done in one week and get frustrated when things don’t work out.

When you have those rough days, when everything goes wrong, you get through that day the best you can, you go to bed and you wake up the next day refreshed and ready to WIN! You don’t dwell on the failure or anger from the previous day, you cleanse that from your mind and spirit and focus on what needs to get done today.

Plan for the future but live out today

Please don’t misunderstand me. YES, have those long-term plans: I want to be the President by 2024, I want to be fully supported by my online business by 2015, I want to lose 100 pounds by mid 2016.

That’s a good way to plan but to get there, focus on one day and one win at a time. My friend Sutton Parks always says: “there’s no overnight successes.” There are only those people who grind it out, one day, one win at a time until they hit those big, crazy dreams.

If you failed today, lay in your bed tonight and realize that tomorrow’s a new day and a new opportunity to win and succeed!

What will you choose: let today’s failure hold you back or choose to start fresh and win?

20 Responses

  1. Great post Kimanzi. To easy to focus on yesterday and it’s success or failure. All we have is today.

  2. TCAvey says:

    Failures are just stepping stones moving us in the right direction…if we let them. The choice is ours.
    We must decide what we want to do and then make efforts everyday to do that. Now, sometimes our dreams/goals chance over time, that’s okay. Just keep moving forward. We all chance as we get older. Our dreams can too.

  3. Needed this today Kimanzi, thanks!

  4. Dave Arnold says:

    Great post & very timely.

  5. Joe Lalonde says:

    Glad you chose to get back in the saddle after what you considered a failure on the diet. One thing to remember, sometimes we’ll have those days. We’ll feel we’re tossing things we’ve worked hard for away. But sometimes we need those days.

  6. Dan Black says:

    Great thoughts man! Learning and moving past our failures is so essential. I’ve found taking daily steps in spit of how I feel so important when it comes to closing the gap between where I am and my dreams.

  7. Great post and 7 day strategy. I had to finally settle down and realize the reason I was having so many failures. I was trying to do too much. I was spreading myself to thin and not accomplishing much. I am scaling way back to get focused on main thing. I am taking daily steps to make it happen. I have missed the mark on some days, but I suit up the next day and get back to work. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

  8. Steve says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Taking things one day at a time is important – that’s how I look at pretty much every goal I have. If I want to eat better, I have to eat well every day. There’s always the temptation to eat poorly and write it off as happening “just once”. But then eventually all those little instances add up. The question you need to ask is what all those little things are adding up to? Personally I think the small daily habits are some of the most important things we can focus on. They all add up eventually.

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