Making A Living Online Since 1996: An Interview With Josh Hinds

Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

In 2014 I want to take things to the next level in what I write on this blog. I felt like I got some clarity last year, I felt like I found my voice, now I want to build upon that foundation.

In 2014 I will get even more specific

I want to give you content that will help you make your online dreams a reality. To do that I’ll let you see all the behind the scenes stuff, I won’t hold anything back. I’ll also bring you some of my friends that are making a living online and you’ll hear how they did it and are growing.

Today I’m happy to bring you one of those friends, Josh Hinds. He’s an author, speaker and been an Internet entrepreneur since 1996. In this video you’ll hear how he started and how different things were in 1996. Be sure to check out one of Josh’s six websites!

You’ll hear how one move got him millions of views and how he was able to be fully supported by his online business from the start. You’ll also hear how he makes money online. So here’s the interview:

Thank you Josh for sharing such great information! I know you got some value from Josh and hope you see this is possible. One of the biggest things I hope you got from this is changing your mindset. If you don’t believe it or can’t see it, you’ll never get there.


Josh knows so much about online business that it’s not funny. I thought I’d be crazy not to team up with him for some more in-depth training, so I’m doing just that. Josh and I are doing a FREE webinar this Wednesday night at 6 pm CDT about how to build a profitable online business.

We’ll be sharing some real practical tips and tricks and even some deeper content. All that’s required is your time and there will be a replay. Sign up for the replay (if you can’t make it live), space is limited. Learn all about it here.

What are your goals for your online business in 2014?

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  1. One is to be fully financially supported by my online business. The second is to get to three thousand email subscribers.

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