It Takes A While To Figure Things Out

Posted on March 19th, 2013 by Kimanzi

Three years ago I said enough was enough, I’m leaving a job that I hate and changing my life. After two weeks, that excitement fizzled out and I was back to making excuses.

A year after that was when I was really ready to take action and make those changes. So what could I do…….

I thought my calling was to be an event planner and if you’ve heard my story before then you know that experience was a complete disaster.

I hadn’t taken any time to figure out what my dream was, I just wanted out and when I thought I knew, I realized I hadn’t given it enough thought.

That brings us to today’s interview with my friend and podcastor Jared Latigo. When I first discovered Jared it seemed like he came out of nowhere. He had a blog and was guest posting everywhere, literally!

Since then he has refined his message and figured out his dream a little more. Sometimes it just takes a little more time and now that Jared has figured it out (we all continue to work on it), he continues to push forward with his dream.

I had the honor to sit down and interview him about his journey, there are many good takeaways that you can apply to your dream. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out more about Jared and his book at his website,, you can also follow him on Twitter here.

Have you changed any part or all of your dream? How long did it take you to figure out what your dream is?

  • Thanks Kimanzi! 😀 I had no idea this was even up until Joe tweeted it! It was a pleasure being able to share some insight. We certainly all need it, myself included!

    • Your welcome Jared, it just went live today! Is there any other links you want me to include.

  • Hey guys. This was fun. I feel like I “know” you both having followed you for a while, so thanks for sharing your journeys. A couple of key takeaways for me:

    1 – Jared, I’ve been part of those meetings where the committee hasn’t “had a clue” and those are the moments that give me encouragement that I’m in the right place. I have a client who is well-known in her space and has a huge following, and I am providing value to her because my expertise adds real value to her business. 1) Figuring out your value, 2) conveying that value well, and 3) being recognized for that value. That’s what makes a good team and good partnership. Both of you are enjoying success now because you have figured out what your value is and are using it to benefit others.

    2 – You talked about not having a plan B. I was in a similar situation. While having a plan B makes sense and is probably less stressful for families, I think that sometimes there is more motivation to succeed if you don’t have a safety net to fall into. I think about those trapeze artists and tightrope walkers that perform without a net or a harness. You think they’re not motivated to succeed every time out? Hard to imagine, but yet, here we are.

    Thanks again, and continued success to you both.

    • Wow, such amazing insight Brent! It looks like you’re doing big things yourself, congrats! Thanks for adding so much value to the post!

    • Thanks for sharing that Brent, I’m glad you got something useful out of it and hope it helps you along your dream path. Thanks for your time watching and commenting!

  • This was an awesome Interview. You guys seriously rock man. I like the passion that I saw in Jared, and Kimanzi you give such a great interview and asked great questions.

    • Thanks Lincoln, sounds like we accomplished all our goals!

    • He is good! I like the way Kimanzi is so relaxed and just rolling with it as it comes. Thanks Lincoln, hope it provided some great value to you.

  • DS

    Jared did suddenly appear during his “blog-a-pallooza tour.” It’s fun to hear the background, the journey, the experience, and to see how you’re both growing. Explains a lot since I don’t frequent Starbucks…

    • Ha Ha! Thanks for always adding value DS!

    • Lol, yeah I guess I kinda did. I have a tendency to jump full force into things, sometimes it’s not just a good idea though. It can be a little destructive. Thanks for watching David!

  • Bernard Haynes

    Enjoyed the interview. Gained a lot of valuable info. You both are doing a great job. Keep pursuing your passion.

    • Thanks Bernard. Now that Jared has honed his message he has hit the ground running.

    • Thanks Bernard, I really appreciate your time and hope it helped out!

  • Great interview guys! Your a great example of a person who has found a needed niche area and started to take action on it.

    I turned on this interview while my wife and I where getting ready for some people coming over to our house tonight. She started to laugh when she heard your wife agrees with what your doing but does not read your content. My wife is the same way:)

    • Mine too! That’s just how it goes. Jared really did provide a lot of value, glad you got that value.

    • Haha for real! Thanks for watching man, I really appreciate it! Hope you got some great info out of it!

  • Wow, I didn’t know he had interviewed those people. I’ll have to check that out!