How To Get Over Online Overwhelm

Posted on July 11th, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

Last post we talked about where to start with your online business. We talked about getting very clear about who you most want to help. We also talked about information overload online.

What's your why?Even today I still deal with information overload. At first you’re just trying to figure this out. After you make some progress you’re trying to figure out how to grow. In researching you end up taking in a ton of information.

Several times throughout the last three years I wanted to scream! Yes I wanted to make progress but learning all this stuff was just too much. Not only learning, but what to learn and from whom.

We all know the problem but what’s the solution? If you’re dealing with information overload there are two things you can start doing today that can help.

What’s important right now

Instead of learning anything and everything focus. Last post we talked about your target audience. After you’ve figured out who you most want to serve the next thing you should focus on is your foundation.

If your business is online your foundation is your website and message. When we come to your website is it clear who you’re speaking to? If it’s not clear who you are speaking to people will subscribe to your email list only to be disappointed.

Here’s a good example from my friend Jimmy. It’s very clear who his target audience is.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 8.56.05 AM

If they clearly see what your message is and sign up anyway they’re interested in you telling them about what you have going on. Beside your website all your social media pages should be very clear about who you’re speaking too.

You should have a consistent message and use that message to draw in those who this message is for. Focus on building that foundation through consistency and then move into to building your foundation.

One of the most important things to build is your email list. I did a webinar on three killer ways to build your email list. Build that list because when you want to start making money those are the people most likely to buy.

After your foundation is nice and set then move onto what’s next. What’s next for you? It depends on where you’re at with building. Everyone is different but focus is the key. Don’t get caught in the world of information overload. Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you.

The 80% implement strategy 

When you’re ready to move on from building your foundation it’s time to start learning again. Even though information overload can come quickly you should always be learning.

The key is once you learn something new you don’t learn anything else new until you’ve implemented at least 80%. This is WAY easier said than done. If you decide the next step for you is to learn SEO do that.

After you have studied what areas you want to implement do that. Keep working until you have a solid foundation built-in SEO. After SEO maybe affiliate marketing, you get the point.

The mistake we make too often is we want to rush to the next thing and multi-task. I have learned from personal experience that multi-tasking doesn’t work.

I learned so much from Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in 2012. I wish I could tell you I implemented all of it but the truth is NO. I only implemented 5% of what I learned.

If I had come home and implemented 80% of what I learned my online business would have supported me by the end of 2012. Learn from my mistake. Learn then implement.

You can get over information overwhelm by focusing on what you need to work on right now. After that implement more of what you learn. This is a sure-fire way to build your online business to where it supports you.

What’s important to where you’re at right now? What’s one thing you’ve implemented in the last month? 

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  1. I started my service page. Adding coaching to my business has been fun and scary;)

  2. You are correct focus is the key to overcome information overload. Learn less, focus more and take action.

  3. Conversion Optimization, Conversion Marketing, are all represented on this page easily and accurately. Brendon tells you step by step how to make sure you have an home page ATM.. Great stuff!

  4. Important topic Kimanizi. I am in the process of planning the relaunch of my blog. I have been (and still am) working on refining my focus. As a person that has very many interests this has been some what of a battle for me. – I am not quite there yet, but I am close

  5. Enough said. I am a champion of the 80% rule and I honestly believe that it is worth the effort to just learn one thing the whole year (controversial) and implement it than learn 1000 things and master none. Great and timely message Kimanzi.

  6. Ugh!!
    I have been trying to put together all the pieces to figure out how to get a blog/website up and functioning to gather emails. There is so much tech stuff and the fee’s start to add up. I know without it, there is no “business” so I keep pushing forward a little every day!

    Kimanzi, you helped me narrow my avatar, I was all over the place with all the interests I have. I was leaning towards being involved interviewing equestrians (Horse People) but to make that interesting to a large audience involves way too much time, travel and expense. (I have been in the business most of my life) so I have the experience but I do not see an upside for me for books, blog, or coaching.

    It hit me after reading your book and blog, I get asked a million questions about my business (leather work, holsters, ect) that is the direction I should be going!
    Ebooks, classes, enough information tips/tricks to write for years for other people wanting to learn the craft! Even coaching could be an option.

    I feel more sure about it everyday, and even more after writing this.
    Great post Kimanzi!

  7. Thanks Kimanzi for mentioning my website. You are one of the main reasons I have been able to narrow my niche. Thanks for everything.

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