Do People Really Want To Hear This?

Posted on July 15th, 2014 by Kimanzi Constable

You start out excited to share your message with the world. You write, do podcasts, and produce videos on your website. It’s all very exciting in the beginning until that hater or your doubts question your credentials.

You get questioned as to whether you’re qualified to talk about your topic. It may even be family or friends. You alreadyBarnes and Nobles have doubts and when these questions come it solidifies the doubt in your mind.

I’ve talked about it several times and if you’ve been following me you know I have a few haters. I was blogging away spreading a message of hope. My eyes were opened and I wanted the whole world to see that you should live and not simply exist.

The message was being well received when I started getting questioned. I had so many doubts and the questions made me wonder if my doubt was correct. Who was I to teach people? What great thing had I done that warranted people’s attention?

This doubt held be back from getting to where I am today. This doubt is probably holding someone back that’s reading this right now. You wonder what credentials you have or need to talk about your topic.

Do people really want to hear your message? YES! More than that, they need it whether or not they realize it. There are so many messages these days and many of them are negative.

We need more people who can show people there’s more than the bad news traditional media feeds us every day. We need you to stand up and say I’ve been there and can help you. We need your experience!


Have you ever been through a rough break-up? Have you had to file bankruptcy? Have you had children? Do you know how to fix cars? There is something people ask you about and that you have experience with.

Sure you can learn this stuff in a textbook or classroom somewhere but book knowledge will only take you so far. In 2012 I was seeing success with self-publishing. I was selling thousands of books. I had people left and right asking me how I was doing it and asking me to coach them. Coach them?

Let me tell you a little secret about me, I’m an introvert. It’s hard for me to be around people sometimes so the idea of coaching scared the daylights out of me. At the end of 2012 as I was ending my bread career I thought about coaching.

So many people had asked and it is a good revenue stream so I decided to give it a try. I went online and started researching coaching. I even bought a course and studied hard.

I’ve worked with over 40 clients now and the best thing that’s helped my coaching business is getting experience. I had certain methods and procedures planned out after I studied but most of those have gone out the window.

The thing that has helped me is working with people one on one, getting feedback and seeing the best ways to help people. The experience has been my best teacher.

If you have experience in a certain area of life you can teach people with authority. You can tell people exactly what they’re going to face because you’ve been there and know. You can give them the advice they can actually use to get through that situation.

If you have experience, use it and don’t listen to your doubts, fears or any haters. Take that experience and combine it with the next point.


Maybe you don’t have all that experience but you have a passion about something. Let’s go back to coaching. I had ZERO experience coaching but I was passionate about helping so I did my research.

That research helped me start until I got the experience. If you have a passion, research the heck out of your topic. Learn everything there is to learn and then START!

Once you start you’ll start to develop that experience and as you get experience your “credentials” come. The only danger is continuing to learn and not acting. Yes you want to be researched up but you have to act.

People do want to hear what you have to say.  There’s an audience for everything online. Don’t be afraid, don’t let the doubts or haters win. When you’re starting out there may not be that many people listening but that will grow.

Use that time to hone your craft, learn and gain the experience. How are you gaining experience in your topic? 


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  1. Doubts are a big part of the mind game that must first be won. Until you believe it’s possible, it will be very difficult to see any gains. Personally, the doubts are what held me back for a long time. It is still a battle. Seeing people that have achieved their dream is inspiring. I love the saying you have to see before you can be. Thanks for letting me see what you have done and continue to do Kimanzi.

  2. Jenny Hester says:

    Thanks for the reminder Kimanzi! I agree, mindset is such a HUGE part of this. I love sharing with others on my site about how to create a positive mindset to overcome these obstacles. You are an amazing coach, so I will have your back when the haters come knocking.

  3. Great post! I gain experience on my topic daily by doing new things that scare me. Excited for what is next, even the hatters:)

  4. Rick Jorgenson says:

    I learn the most while training/coaching people. Explaining procedures help reinforce the skills and helps build the skills and techniques of the student. Great post!!

  5. Paul Sohn says:

    I’m gaining experienced in my topic by learning from mentors and coaches. These folks are critical in my development and provides an objective view in many of my life situations. I often feel like I am standing on the shoulder of giants. Role models play a very important role in my life. Thanks for sharing your inspiration Kimanzi.

  6. Powerful post. You hit me between the eyes when you said, ‘The only danger is continuing to learn and not acting’. Keep up the press.

  7. I gain my experience in my topic by learning from a diverse crowd. Probably most of the blogs I read are from people 10 to 20 years (or more) younger than me. – Keeps me challenged and stretches my thinking. – Thanks Kimanzi for being in that crowd.

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