The Lifestyle Business Mastermind ($7 a month)

Lifestyle business can be very confusing and somewhat frustrating to build. Having help and support could be the difference between success and failure. This mastermind is designed to push you to take action and build your dream business/lifestyle.

The advice will be practical and actionable. The networking will be superb. Each member will get a turn on the hot seat to get their business evaluated and get solid advice on next steps. If you want to join, email me at for next steps.

What the mastermind includes:

One turn on the hot seat every month. You will tell us where you are at and members will give you advice on what could help you grow.

Homework. Each week you will get a specific homework assignment designed to get you closer to your goals of a profitable lifestyle business.

One LIVE call each month. We will get on Start Meeting for a screen shared lesson from me on lifestyle business tactics. This will be actionable advice you can implement right away. The calls are recorded and stored in the members area.

Docs, sample contracts, and templates. You will get all the documents that will help you take your lifestyle business to the next level.

The time to join:

The mastermind will be limited to 20 members each month. Registration will open on the 15th of each month for three days for new members.

If you want to join, email me at for next steps. This mastermind will help you grow a profitable lifestyle business.

The Lifestyle Business Mastermind ($7 a month)



Why My Marriage Ended and How Life Fell Apart

196658877_71731581f9_zThis is going to be a very hard article to write and release publicly but I know it is necessary. There have been a ton of rumors about me in the last two months. It’s time to tell my side of what happened. I have always kept it real over these last five years and that is what I will do here.

2015 was a breakthrough year in my business. Because I wrote for some of the largest websites in the world, I started getting a crazy amount of offers to speak at conferences and companies all over the world. I traveled over 250,000 miles in 2015 to speak. My business grew by 125% very quickly. It should have been exciting, but it was all too fast, and it burnt me out.

As I started to travel more to speak, the distance affected my marriage. I had spent 16 years always being with the same person, having to spend extended times away brought out jealousy, anger, frustration, temptation, money struggles, lying, and MANY fights. Over a three-year period, I watched my marriage crumble and I was too proud to do anything about it.

By the time I went back to Hawaii in early January of this year (2016), the marriage was over. It was very awkward and there was a realization on both sides that what we once had was now over. It would have been nice if things had ended civilly, but they didn’t. If you follow me online, you have seen a variety of attacks on all the publications I write for, on this blog (it was even hacked), and in every part of my business. My coaching clients were contacted and lies were spread, the publications were contacted, and there were a bunch of lies on social media.

In mid-January, I went back to Panama to train at a company. As I left, we agreed that the marriage was over and that each of us would try to move on and put all our focus on the kids. I went to Panama to train for a month. I did not expect to do anything but work. During the third week of training, I met someone. I went out for dinner with friends at the company and I was introduced to what I thought was a nice woman.

We started a friendship that grew into a relationship by late February. I want to make something very clear, we did NOT have sex. I did NOT leave my wife for this woman. There was NO overlap. Yes, the timing is too close for comfort (more on that in a bit), but it was AFTER my marriage was over—after both of us agreed it was over. I was in a relationship with this woman for five months. The relationship is now over and sadly, it ended very badly. (more…)

Are You Ready to Quit Your Job?


For years, I dreamed of the day when I would tell my employer I was tired and done, and leaving for a dream work situation. This dream was just my dreams until I realized that I was going to have to take action if my dream were ever going to become a reality. It took two and a half years, but I was able to quit. I now live a life I mostly love.

I know that are many people who read my blog, and in general in society today, that would love to quit a job they hate. Many do quit but do it prematurely and risk turning their dream into a nightmare. I have had new coaching clients come to me when they quit without a plan; it is not a place of strength. Before you quit your job, make sure you have a foundation of these four things.

1. Have an emergency fund in place that can get you through most unexpected circumstances. 

The stats on Americans and emergency funds are scary. Most emergencies would wipe the average person out. If you are thinking about quitting a job, the emergency fund should be even larger than the standard. You should have an emergency fund that withstands the inconsistency in income that sometimes comes from owning a business—especially a lifestyle business.

I can’t tell you what the magic number is, I can only tell you to be prepared for anything. Having a strong mindset is important, but that doesn’t mean you ignore common sense. I’m not telling you to wait until you are a millionaire, but I am saying have something to fall back on.

2. Have a proven and consistent income situation in place. 

Just because you make a couple of bucks for a few months doesn’t mean you have a proven lifestyle business. This kind of business can be a roller coaster ride if you don’t know what you are doing. You can make a lot of money quickly and make nothing the next month.

Make sure your lifestyle business has a track record of making money for more than just a few months. Make sure that you have multiple streams of income. Don’t be dependent on any one thing for your income or you could be in a bad place if that one thing vanishes. Let your lifestyle business prove itself before you quit your job.  (more…)

The 5 Pillars of a Prosperous Lifestyle Business


I used to hate the term “lifestyle business.” In my mind, I automatically started seeing all those spammy Facebook ads talking about the “laptop style.” I’ve come to see that lifestyle business is much more than the ads. It’s a business you create around the kind of lifestyle you want to live. It’s about creating the freedom to spend your time the way you to want to spend it.

I know there are many who read Entrepreneur, and many people I know in general, who want to build this kind of a business and lifestyle. We all know what it takes yet many give up before they make any real progress or money. It took me years before I made real money with this lifestyle business. I know the frustration that comes when you put in all the effort but don’t get much return. Here are five strategies that work.

1. Start by realizing what’s possible.
I hate to write about mindset because it’s one of those topics you hear about a lot. But, the reality is that if you don’t believe it’s possible in your life, you won’t do anything about it. You have to realize that you can build a lifestyle business around a topic you’re passionate about. And if people try to kill that passion, then eliminate them quickly from your life. Many have done it, but more than that, you have it takes. You are strong and powerful and can do anything that you set your mind to. Get that belief firmly ingrained in your mind if this is going to become your reality. You can’t move forward without a firm belief in what’s possible to those who take action.

2. Get your messaging crystal clear.
The reason many don’t make money with a lifestyle business is because visitors don’t understand the tangible benefit of what is offered in the business. There’s a whole movement that talks about the “need to niche.” The problem is that the niching has gone too far. When someone can’t understand what they will get when they spend money with you, they won’t spend money with you. If they don’t trust you, they won’t spend money with you. Sometimes a big black lie is the best way to live so you can amplify your life, your message and your money. When someone visits your website, make it crystal clear how and in what way you can help them. You have about 7 to 37 seconds to make that first impression. Don’t niche so much that people think there’s no tangible benefit in what you offer. (more…)

Don’t Spend Money on Your Business Unless…


I sent a version of today’s post to my email list this past weekend. I’m continuing the thought here because it’s very important. I have been in this industry for the last five years and have seen some crazy stuff. I hope this helps.

I’m seeing a scary trend lately. Maybe this trend has always been there, but the numbers are what has me worried. I’ve started working with a number of new coaching clients and I’ve met a ton of new friends through the strategy calls I offered last week. The one theme I heard over and again was that a lot of money was spent on training with big name coaches and courses. When I say big money, I mean $10,000 to even $50,000.

I’m not here to judge anyone. I’m not here to tell you what to spend on your business/dream. I’m not here to knock what anyone charges for his or her premium content. These are all personal choices that each of us has to make. Heck, some probably think I charge too much.

What I will say is that you have to treat your lifestyle business as a business. You will make investments into your business, but investments have returns. Meaning, if you spend some money, it should be for a purpose and you should be taking action on what you learnt. You should be getting back what you put into your dream.

If you have not made progress after spending a bunch of money, you need to get honest about the reason. Maybe it’s YOU. I hate to say that, but sometimes it’s the truth. Maybe you want someone to do it for you, so you keep spending money. That won’t build your dream. YOU taking massive action is what moves the needle.

Maybe the programs and courses aren’t right for where you are. There is a lot of great information that you can use EVENTUALLY. There is a lot of information that is more of an overview—it’s just not specific enough. Avoid that. At the end of the day, most people building this kind of dream just need to focus on building their audience—period. (more…)

Consistency Leads to Opportunities in Your Lifestyle Business


I’ve been in a deep funk for the last two months or so. During that time, I let a lot of opportunities slip. In my inbox right now, there are over 1,6000 emails. This is the most email that I’ve let pile up; I’m normally great at getting through email and responding. As I have started to go through the email, the speaking gigs, consulting work, and potential new coaching clients that I have missed shocks me. It’s downright depressing.

I’m a little surprised that people keep reaching out to me to speak and consult, but I shouldn’t be. For the first three years of my lifestyle business, I worked hard to find and pitch opportunities. I went after everything in hopes of building my dream. A few years ago, I started writing for large publications. After over a year of consistently writing solid articles for as many large publications as I can, the opportunities have started to come to me. I can look through my inbox and see the direct result of my efforts.

I will spend the next week clearing out my inbox and responding to the opportunities that are still active. I will lock in some cool gigs, like the one I just signed to speak at in Tokyo, Japan. What I am doing and have done is not something that can’t be repeated. Things have not worked out as planned, but I’m still grateful for what I have been blessed with. You can build a successful lifestyle business that involves doing the things you enjoy and you can do it at your pace. My initial pace was far too fast and it cost me dearly. You can learn from my mistakes and build in a smarter way.

It Starts With Your Website

I often get asked about blogging—many see it as a big waste of time. There are many reasons you should be putting out consistent content: it builds your following, it shows you know what you’re talking about, it helps people feel comfortable spending money with you, and it educates your audience. But, it also shows editors, event organizers, and potential companies that want to hire you that you are an expert and they can feel comfortable spending money with you.

If your website is a ghost town, you won’t get very far in your building efforts. Getting to the money and all the fun parts of this business starts with putting out great content that educates, inspires, and demonstrates. If you have not been consistent on your website with content, it’s time to start. You can’t get the bigger opportunities until you have your house in order. (more…)

4 Things You Can Do Today to Make More Money Every Day


Money isn’t the only reason to start or grow a business but you better believe it’s important. If your business isn’t making money, all you have is a nice hobby. There are a lot of activities you can do that seem like they will lead to income but they won’t. Successful entrepreneurs avoid the time wasters and focus on what will help their business grow.

There are four things you could do today — you could start right now if you’re not doing them — that could lead to more income in your business. These are simple but overlooked strategies that have withstood the test of time and technology. Your business can experience explosive growth with the right focus.

1. Sell more than makes you comfortable.
Chances are, you sell in your business. While you may know selling is important, you may not realize that you aren’t selling enough. The human brain can be a funny organ. Someone on your email list or involved in your ecosystem may need to see something as many as 37 times before it clicks in their brain.

While it feels like you are selling a lot, you probably aren’t selling enough. When you sell, you are bound to upset people — that’s okay. If you are consistently providing value for your audience, you have earned the right to tell them about your premium offerings. Sell more than you feel comfortable and you’ll see your income and business grow. Your audience wants to buy from you, they just need to know what you offer — tell them consistently.

2. Spend each day on income producing strategies.
Our natural inclination is to wake up and do what we feel is urgent. We check email, browse through social media and may even take calls. If you want to make more money now, start your day by doing things that lead to income. It could be crafting a well-written sales email to you email list, calling an old client and renewing their contract, or spending time selling to a lead who you know is ready to buy.

Start each day pursuing hot opportunities that require only a little work to close. You may not close a sale every day, but over time, you will close more and that will add to your bottom line. As this becomes a habit, you will be a well-oiled machine that knows how to spot opportunities. (more…)

When Your Relationship Falls Apart While Building a Lifestyle Business


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You don’t plan on it happening, but life doesn’t always work out as planned. You simply want to build something for the person you love, but situations get in the way of your plans. You try hard to make the best out of a bad situation, but nothing that you do fixes the situation.

The distance is hard. The time away is hard. It feels like everything is all going wrong at the same time. You want to make things better, but you feel your relationship slipping away from you. Before you know it, you’re having the “talk.” The relationship is over.

You feel conflicting emotions. You are happy that your business is doing well, but you are sad that you lost the person you love in the process. You tried everything you could, but you can’t get them back. You try to reason beyond reason, but some things can’t be reasoned. What you do next determines how the rest of your year—and possibly your life—will go.

You have to make smart decisions—not only for your life—but also for your business. You have to look past what you feel and do what’s right for the situation. You have to think rationally even though everything inside of you is screaming. You have to find a way to pick yourself up when all you want to do is hide underneath the covers.

This is the situation I currently find myself in. Despite all my plans, things have not gone as planned at all. Every day I wake up and feel a wide range of emotions. I’m also dealing with attacks from all kinds of people because of half-truths that have been spread about me. I’m not writing theories here. I’m writing from real life experience.

Reaching Out for Support

I was in a funk for two months. I didn’t think about business. I didn’t want to take care of myself. All I wanted to do was listen to music whole hiding under the covers. It wasn’t until my best friend, Chaka, came to Colombia to visit me that I woke up. Seeing him and talking to him did something for me. It helped me see past my situation and see what I was doing.

During those two months, I did a lot of damage. I lost some customers. I lost some opportunities for speaking and consulting at a few new companies. I lost some friends. It was not a good time. That support from my best friends was my lifeblood. When you’re going through it, you want to handle things all by yourself. You want to hide and try to forget what you’re going through. You can’t do this alone. Don’t try to do this alone. Reach out for support because it’s one of the smart things you can do. (more…)

5 Ways to Take the High Road When Haters Attack Your Reputation


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As an entrepreneur, you work hard to build a reputation of integrity and trust. You understand that people do business with someone they know, like and trust, so you make it your goal to do business in that way. You keep your promises and you over-deliver with your products and services.

Life would be good if you could continue operating your business with no issues, but that’s not a reality. Attacks on your business and reputation are bound to happen, especially as you grow. Jealousy, envy, and other emotions can enter people’s mind and cause them to want to damage your business and attack your reputation.

Left unchecked, your customers could start believing what’s not true. I know this because I’m facing this very situation in my business. Over the last five years, I’ve openly and honestly built a successful lifestyle business. Despite my desire to serve, a few bad apples are determined to cloud the message. For a while, I thought I would stay quiet and let my reputation speak for itself. It’s taken some time to realize that’s not enough and not proactive. Here are five ways we, as entrepreneurs, can handle an attack on what we’ve built.

1. Don’t get into the mud with those attacking you.
It’s natural to want to fire right back at your attackers but it looks bad and it doesn’t solve anything. You get angrier and come off looking less professional. You don’t want to stay quiet, but you don’t want to let your emotions react for you. Ignore what they are saying and let your character and commitment to helping people do the talking for you. Actions speak louder than words.

2. Assure your loyal customers that business will continue as usual.
Customers fear a situation like this will lead to you being less productive, or worse, you closing your business. Let your customers know that you’re in business for the long haul and can weather any storm. Let them know they will still get the same or an even higher level of service from you. Difficult situations are what separate those who aren’t committed–don’t let that be you. (more…)

The Top Five Large Publications You Should Target and Why


This is one of the most asked questions that comes through my inbox. You see value in writing for large media publications, but you also want to maximize your efforts. There are a number of publications that you could choose but a handful will give you 80% of the results with 20% of your effort.

I called these publications “core” with my coaching clients and we start by targeting them. Writing for large publications is a great way, in general, to reach an untapped and always changing audience. You can grow an email list, get booked to speak, leverage your status for paid consulting at companies and far more. I picked these publications because they give you the best opportunity to do all of those things.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post gets 218 million unique visitors a month—that is reason enough to write for them. In addition to the traffic, they have a name that 99% of people will recognize. If want to leverage a name for speaking or consulting, the HuffPost is that name. They can help you build your lifestyle business, sell books (you get a book widget), build your email list, and much more. Targeting them will be worth your time because you can also leverage the name to get into the other publications. 

SUCCESS is a pillar in the personal development industry. When you think of a solid publication with good content, you think of SUCCESS. The good content they consistently put out has led to a HUGE audience and they are responsive. This publication can help you build your list and build your business. It’s also a name that translates beyond the online space. SUCCESS has a paid platform that companies know and use, so when you approach them as a contributor for SUCCESS, you will get their attention.

Writing for Entrepreneur has led to all of the speaking and consulting work that I’ve done over the last two years. Business owners, HR people, and entrepreneurs read this publication religiously. You will get tons of organic leads in your lifestyle business while writing for one of the most respected websites in the world.  (more…)