6 Lessons Traveling the World Has Taught Me About Life


I’m currently writing this post from a café in the Old City of Jerusalem. All around me I can hear life–the Old City is like a whole other world. There is a quarter for Christians, Muslims, Armenians, and Jews. There are houses, markets, people, and a ton of history. Yesterday, I saw the tomb of King David, which is on the Mount of Zion in the Old City.

I still have one more trip this year; I’m training at a company in Panama City, Panama. This year I’ve spoken in San Jose, Las Vegas, Maui, Madrid, Marrakech, Cairo, and Tel Aviv. That’s where I’ve spoken; along the way to these places, I’ve added passport stamps from France, Amsterdam and Palestine. I’ve also visited a lot of cities in these countries. It’s been a lot of travel.

I have learned so much traveling the world. Yesterday, I was at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum. I walked out of there a changed person, and that’s just one example. Travel has taught me some invaluable life lessons that I hope can help you on your dream-chasing journey. Here are six. If you want to know how I got to travel to these places (the how-to), go back and check out Tuesday’s post.

Life is Precious

I left Paris 20 hours before the attack. Since I’ve been here in Israel, several Israeli’s have died from the stabbings that are happening here right now. I learned how precious life is when I lost my father and grandfather, but what’s happened in the last month in these countries has been eye opening. None of us knows when our life will end. Each day, each moment is precious and should be lived that way. 

You Grow in Times of Discomfort

There have been a bunch of times in Amman (Jordan), Cairo, and Tel Aviv when I was in an airport and didn’t understand the language. They were making announcements (one of them included a gate change) where I had no clue what was going on—it’s very uncomfortable. In those times, I learned something about myself and grew as a person. I learned that even though I don’t always know or have control, I can do something about my situation.  (more…)

6 Steps to Getting Your First Consulting Contract


In 2014, companies spent $42.4 billion on training according to The Training Industry Report. After locked in an $80,000 consulting contract last week, I can attest to the fact that solopreneurs and lifestyle entrepreneurs have the opportunity to add significant income through paid consulting. The opportunity is there, you may just not have known how to find it.

Getting a company to hire you and give you a consulting contract may test the limits of your comfort zone. You wonder if you’re qualified to approach a company. When you think about the details, you get frustrated because you’re not sure how to build a consulting business.

My first business was a service company in the bread industry. My second business is a lifestyle business that involves a good deal of paid consulting with companies all over the world. How I book contracts is not a mystery and you probably have the skills and knowledge to land the deal. Here are six steps to building a lucrative and freedom based consulting business.

1. Make a list of your areas of expertise.

To get the contract, you have to understand what areas you could possible train on. Tap into your experiences to see what you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Write those areas down somewhere. List as many as you can come up with.

2. Start with targeting companies where you live.

I have a consulting contract to train in six countries next year, but my first contract was in my former hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I now live on Maui). You want to start locally because there’s a good chance you have a connection with a local company. Also, you can show a local company that you’re part of the community and are committed to doing good work.

3. Get a meeting with the owner or a decision maker.

Another reason to start local is that you have to talk to someone who can make the deal. Chances are you aren’t going to make deals with Fortune 500 companies when you start out, but you can get a consulting contract at a local restaurant or factory. After you’ve identified your areas of expertise, research nearby companies to determine which has a problem costing it money that you know how to solve. Tell the owner that you want to show them how they’re losing money. Ask for a quick 20-minute meeting over coffee. (more…)

Not Falling Off a Camel and Other Travel Videos


As you may know, I’m currently on a speaking tour in France, Israel, Egypt, and Palestine. I’ve been posting videos on my Facebook page, but I know that Facebook only shows stuff to a small group of people. I wanted to share some videos with you all here.

This was shot 20 hours before the attack in Paris, France. I talk about chasing bigger dreams.

This was shot from the balcony of my hotel in Giza, Egypt.

This was shot while NOT falling off a camel–although I came close.

This was shot in Pyramid Park.

Four years ago, I didn’t think this kind of life was possible for me or anyone. I was wrong. I hope you see that you can make your dream a reality!

What is one MAJOR dream you WILL accomplish in 2016? 

20 Hours Before the Attack in Paris


There is an audio version below. 

After a 12-hour flight from Seattle, I was happy to walk into the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France. It was Thursday, November 12th. I got a cab because sometimes I’m too lazy to go through the hassle of the train. It’s an hour drive from the airport to central Paris. The drive is pretty scenic as you get to see a lot of Paris, and it’s outskirts.12239507_910077622411009_668484103001829333_n

My first destination is my favorite, the Eiffel Tower. I got out of the taxi and looked up. The Eiffel Tower is a breath-taking site and never gets old. I spent two hours touring, taking pictures, talking to strangers, and recording video. It’s then a requirement (personal) to walk up the steps to the viewing area of the Tower–it’s about a few blocks away.

That’s where I took this picture: 20 hours before terrorists destroyed moments like this for so many people. I was leaving the Tower to explore other sites, and I turned around to the sound of laughter from young children. It was as if time stood still and people just relished in the moment.


I then took a taxi to the Arc de Triomphe, which honors soldiers who fought and died for France during several different wars. I would go on to see some places Tanya and I toured while we visited Paris in 2013. I took some time away from touring to enjoy a meal in a little café while writing. This café was a mile away from where one of the attacks happened.

I wrote some words in a few articles and in the #NaNoWriMo novel I’m writing. I was in Paris for a 12-hour layover on my way to Tel Aviv, Israel. I had left Paris 20 hours before the attack happened. When it did, I was with friends here in Tel Aviv. My phone blew up with messages from friends asking if I was still in France (Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t help).

It’s scary to think that I left right before this. It’s scary to think that someone was planning this while so many of us were enjoying such a beautiful city. It’s sad that there are people who want to hurt others in this way in the name of whatever twisted logic they use. (more…)

Why Passion is Important Despite the Bad Rap

3594738735_85d9e1486a_zThere is an audio version below.

I’ve heard more than my fair share of people who say, “follow your passion” is stupid advice. While I think following your passion alone is not enough, it’s NOT stupid advice. Having and following your passion is an important part of making your dream a reality.

Before I confirmed that writing was my first love and passion, I tried a few other things out. I thought my dream was to be an event planner. I had the chance to put this to the test because my sister asked me to plan her wedding. It WAS a disaster. Next, I thought my dream was to be a salesperson. I joined several MLM companies. That wasn’t it.

It took trying out a bunch of stuff before realizing the missing piece was passion. I was not passionate about any of those things, and once the initial excitement wore off, I didn’t have the fuel to keep going. The lack of passion forced me to get honest.

If you don’t have passion, you’ll eventually experience overwhelming frustration.  

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over 200 people since 2012. The one thing I’ve seen over and again is that if you don’t have a passion for something, you’ll eventually get sick of it. I have had clients that started out in a strategy, but fizzled because they weren’t passionate. Writing is a perfect example of this. 

One of the best ways to build a lifestyle business is to get exposure through guest post and to write for large publications. Most of the clients that hire me want to build a lifestyle business. I teach them how to write and get exposure. There have been some that wanted this and started writing articles even though writing wasn’t their passion.

Every single time, it doesn’t last long. If writing is not your passion, you won’t have the fortitude to sit down for hours and write articles. It will take you hours just to write one, and that will frustrate you. It will feel like pulling teeth. For those clients, we’ve been able to adjust with podcasting or recording videos, but it took that experience of trying to write for them to see that without a passion for it, they couldn’t maintain. If you don’t have that passion, it will be hard to do what feels like pulling teeth.  (more…)

3 Habits Crucial to Success in a Lifestyle Business

8093565216_af68f9fff9_zThere is an audio version below.

This year has felt like a fairytale in a way. As I’m writing this, I’m packing to head to speak in Tel Aviv, Israel and Cairo, Egypt. If you follow my blog, you would have seen the other cool places that I’ve spoken at this year. The year started with the highlight of being on Pat Flynn’s podcast, and a bunch of other neat things in-between.

I’ve truly come to understand and love this idea of “lifestyle entrepreneurship.” In it’s simplest form, lifestyle business means you create something that supports the kind of lifestyle you want to live. For some, that includes travel, for others it means having the freedom and flexibility each day to do what’s important to you. There is no one-size-fits-all definition.

If your dream is to create this kind of business/lifestyle in the next year, you would want to start forming the habits that will help you. Hard work isn’t enough. Massive action isn’t enough. Focused effort along with good habits is what will help you the most. Here are three habits crucial to success in building this dream.

Have the right priorities. In building a lifestyle business, your priorities start with a strong mindset. You have to “see it” and believe it. Your family is also the start. You can’t ignore or neglect them while you build this dream. Start with working on the dream in the margins. Keep your family in the loop and have them help you. Fill your mind with inspiration daily. Podcasts, videos, and books can be your best friend as long as you don’t give into information overload. Consume what will either help your next steps or what will inspire you to take action. Focus on building your audience.

Without an audience, you can’t grow or make any money. Don’t make the busy work your primary focus. You can have the best book, website, or systems in the world, but if you have no audience, it won’t be effective. Make building an audience a priority. Make having the right priorities a habit that stays with you the rest of your life.

Create a business that supports the life you want to live. Once you’ve built an audience, and done this without hurting your family, it’s time to create the business. Working on your business in the right way is a habit that will reap dividends. You need a simple and clean website with all the information people would search for. Let them know who you are, what you do, and how what you do can help them. Have a social media presence, but don’t make it your everything—social media isn’t. Create different offerings that you charge a price for. Don’t be afraid to sell.  (more…)

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Is the Ultimate in Work-Life Balance

7497500748_5f37df32aa_zThere is an audio version below.

It’s amazing to think about all the opportunities that are available to entrepreneurs today. In this Information Age, social media and the Internet have created a whole new way of doing business and making more money. The access has taken away many of the traditional gatekeepers.

Today, we also get to learn skills and strategies that we can use in the offline world. You can take your knowledge and leverage it for opportunities that wouldn’t have been available even 10 years ago. It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a lifestyle business centered on a topic or idea you love and are passionate about.

I’m writing this article from a café in Madrid, Spain. I was hired by a company to train at their offices here in Madrid, and in Marrakech, Morocco. They paid me a generous fee and covered all of my expenses. I’m traveling the world and using the knowledge I gained online for an offline opportunity. It’s not just me. There’s a new generation of lifestyle entrepreneurs who are redefining what we traditionally think entrepreneurship means.

The true meaning.

The term and idea of “lifestyle entrepreneurship” has gotten a bad rap. The negative connotation is because of spammy YouTube videos or Facebook ads that promise opportunity but deliver hype. “Living the laptop” lifestyle is possible, but not in the way it’s portrayed.

Lifestyle entrepreneurship simply means you create a business around the kind of lifestyle you want. It’s not that you work in your business and then come home and live. Your business supports your life and allows you to create freedom while making an impact in people’s lives.

A lifestyle business usually allows flexibility in your schedule and location. It’s a business that you can operate from anywhere in the world or takes you anywhere in the world. I travel several times a year internationally, but still write and coach. The travel is part of my lifestyle business. I get to take my family on incredible trips while the business continues to make money. That, to me, is freedom. (more…)

4 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

9778481892_936d3e57e7_zThere is an audio version.

I remember the excitement I had when my first book was published on Amazon. To get to that moment had taken more of me than I thought I could give. I had to beat doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. I had to overcome everyone and their mother telling me I wouldn’t make any money as an author.

When I finally got the courage to chase this dream, someone was there to tell me what a loser they thought I was. They left the nastiest review on Amazon letting the world know what I was already struggling with inside. All the negative things about myself that I was thinking, this person, left in the review.

It would take me weeks, months, maybe even years, to recover. It took a long time to shift my focus on what was important. I let that and several other comments keep me from the life I truly wanted to live. In 2012, I said enough. I told myself I didn’t care if I failed–I was going for it. I know many that read my blog struggle with imposter syndrome. You’ve told me as much. Here are four ways to beat it.

1. Do the work anyways. The best thing you can do is to determine to do the work no matter how you feel. Will it always work out? Probably not, but what builds your dream is constant action and continuous commitment to do the work that it takes to build a dream. Even when you feel like an imposter, write, podcast, and make videos. You might even create content that helps you work through how you feel. Make no mistake; doing the work is what makes you successful. There are no silver bullets. 

2. Focus on those you’re trying to help. At the end of the day, this can’t be about you—it has to be about those you’re trying to serve. When you’re dealing with imposter syndrome, it’s usually because you’ve shifted your focus from others. This can’t be about YOU. It has to be about them. Keep your eyes on the path by continuing the create value and help people. Continue to do the work that will make an impact and lead to freedom. When you do, you don’t have time to dwell on feeling like an imposter. (more…)

My Business Plan for 2016


My trip to Spain and Morocco was productive. I spoke in both countries, signed an $80,000 contract to speak in six countries, wrote 20 articles, and I turned a new book into my publisher. I also spent a lot of time thinking about and planning what I will offer in my business in 2016.

I often get asked when I’ll be running one of my classes or programs. Today, I’m going to share the exact dates and types of programs I will offer in 2016. I know that for some who will take a class, you’ll need to add it to the budget. I want to be as transparent as possible with you because I greatly respect you being here.

What you’ll see is the four different classes (they will be live) I will offer, and when my coaching program will be open to new clients. You’ll see the prices, when registration is open, and when the classes will run. I hope this is helpful with your planning for 2016. *The prices are subject to change.*

What I’m Offering and When


Coaching. Registration: November 22nd through December 20th. (This will only be offered to people who signed up for my waitlist)


Freedom through Online Business ($97). Registration: December 20th through January 3rd. Class dates: January 5th-26th.


Exposure through Large Publications ($997). Registration: January 10th through January 24th. Class dates: February 2nd-23rd.


Coaching. Registration: February 7th through February 28th.


The Transition Club ($297). Registration: March 6th through March 20th. Class dates: March 22nd- April 12th.


Paid Consulting 101 ($297). Registration: April 3rd through April 17th. Class dates: May 3rd-24th. (New class) (more…)

The Stop Chasing Influencers Launch Team

12032164_901644379921000_7693272842521817283_nThere is an audio version below.

A year ago, Jared Easley and I were talking about what it takes to build an online business today. There are over one billion websites, over 300,00 podcasts, and millions of YouTubers. There’s a lot of competition and even more misleading information.

We talked about the frustrations that come from the commonly spouted strategies that we’re taught will make us successful. We talked about how too many of us were taught that the quickest way to build a lifestyle business is to connect with an influencer.

Back in the day, chasing and connecting with an influencer might have made sense. When I sent Michael Hyatt a guest post in 2012, he responded personally. That would not happen today. We then talked about what it takes to build an online business today—I mean the exact strategies that work. 

Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path to Building Your Business and Living Your Dream was born.

We spent months co-writing a book and then pitched it to my publisher. We were delighted when Sound Wisdom Books agreed to publish it, and get behind the message.

The first half of the book lays out why you shouldn’t chase anyone (influencer or not) and how it’s taking time away from what will help you. The second half of the book is filled with how-to strategies you can use to build a lifestyle business on your own. We lay things out very specifically.

This isn’t a book that takes a shot at anyone or tells you not to have heroes. The message is: Don’t chase because you can use that time to build, and here’s what will help. Once you build, you can connect with a hero as a peer–it’s a different dynamic.

Why We’re Here Today

The book officially launches in January. We’re looking to form a launch team for two purposes: 1. To help us get the word out about a Kickstarter campaign we’re launching next month for the book. 2. To help us officially launch the book in January. (more…)