Travel the World and Get Paid to Do It


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As you read this, I’m about to board a flight from Maui, Hawaii to Madrid, Spain. I’m speaking at an event in Madrid, and then flying to Marrakech, Morocco to speak at another event. The company paid me a $10,000 speaking fee and covered all of my expenses.

If you had told me this would be my life four years ago, I would have laughed at you. I delivered bread and never touched computers. I had done some traveling while I was younger but hadn’t as an adult because I couldn’t afford it.

It took 12 years of existing, and four years of work hard to arrive at a day like today. It took overcoming so many obstacles, which included people that I loved. As I board the flight, I’m smiling as I think about the implications of this trip.

Changing Your View of Reality

The one message that I took away from September is THINK BIGGER! It was a surreal month. I signed $50,000 in speaking contracts for four international conferences. I signed a four-figure a month consulting contract with a company in Milwaukee, and the CEO hired me for some personal coaching. I got my first paid writing gig. And, I started working with 16 new coaching clients.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 5.00.33 AM

I had some cool wins, but what my clients did excites me the most. Three of my clients signed a total of $165,000 in consulting contracts. Four booked paid speaking gigs, three of the events being international. 14 clients were published in 8 different publications for the first time. They took massive action and reaped the rewards.

I’ve been hitting on this message the last few months, and I see dreamers every day getting ahold of it. We have so much knowledge and so many skills that translate beyond the “online space.” You can take what you learn here, and book mainstream opportunities. Instead of being “Internet Famous” (Thanks, Berni), you could book the bigger deals and travel the world spreading a message you’re passionate about.

The opportunity is there; September proved that to me. No, it’s not easy. You can’t just publish two articles and then BOOM. It takes a ton of work. I’ve been publishing articles on publications for a year now and have over 350 published. If you’re willing to put in the work, you will reap the rewards. I just want you to see that there are more opportunities available when you think bigger

Your 2016

Now is the time for you to start thinking about, and planning your 2016. Now is the time to get honest about what you want for your life and how you’re going to go after it in 2016. Get a vision for your dream life. Feel it and see yourself living it. Create a vision board. I want to see you win in 2016. I want to celebrate with you.

How to Book Paid Speaking (Short Version)

To become an international speaker, you need a few things. 1. A little experience speaking. Start at your local Chamber of Commerce. You may speak for free, but it’s to business owners–you could walk away with business. Get video of you speaking and testimonials. 2. Find international events that pay. Use Google or a site like 3. Hustle. This one is obvious. 4. The ability to present. Practice, watch TED talks, read books, get experience. 5. The right tools (pictured here). Here’s to you and a full year of speaking in 2016!

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What are some of your major goals for 2016?

Nothing is Stopping You, Live Your Dream Life

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It’s amazing what we can accomplish today that wasn’t available to us in the past. In 2011, I wrote a book. Back in the day, the process would have been me finding an agent—which is incredibly difficult. Then, the agent would try to sell the book to publishers. This process could have, and does take years. Instead of going through all of that, I self-published my book.

Self-publishing, social media, and Internet business are just a few of the fantastic opportunities that can help us live out our dreams. We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We have what we need if we’re willing to take the necessary action and work hard. Yes, there’s a ton in between that needs to be done, but we have what we need to live our dream life.

Your Mindset

Your thoughts affect your actions. If you don’t believe in yourself or what’s possible, you won’t take action. You’ll keep listening to your self-limiting beliefs and excuses. You will convince yourself that living a good enough life is what you deserve. It’s NOT.

You may have experienced failure in the past. You may have hit a roadblock. Wherever you’re at in the journey, get your mind right. Start to dream again. Get a vision for the kind of life you could be living. Feel it. See it. Smell it. Then, do whatever it takes to stay strong in your mind.

Your Plan

Living your dream starts in your mind, but you need an actionable plan. In this world—the lifestyle business space—that plan involves building website traffic, email subscribers, and creating products and services people buy. It means speaking and consulting at companies. Your plan involves how you’re going to accomplish all of these things and in what order.

This is where dreamer’s head down the wrong road. There are many bright shiny objects that seem like they’ll lead to your goal. The craze over Periscope and Blab come to mind. Many people are told they should be on them, but not many have a clear plan to convert the efforts that are being made.

Now is a great time to start planning 2016 and how you’re going to make 2016 the year you finally quit your day job. This is the time to create everything you’ll need to build a lifestyle business and life you love. Are you goal setting for next year, yet? (more…)

5 Things I Would Have Done Differently in the Beginning

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Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and do things differently. And thinking about it, maybe that wouldn’t be a great idea. However, one person’s experience can work in the same way. There are things that I missed when I started the journey to create a life of freedom. I know there are many reading this post that have just started or will start their journey. I hope this post helps you avoid the pitfalls I and many others have gone through.

The early days of my dream-chasing journey were filled with wasted time and money. I spent most days not knowing what to do or doing what I saw working for someone else. I wanted this dream to be my reality so badly, so I spent a lot of time chasing my tail. I would see a bright shiny object and hope it would be the thing that brought me income. Here are five things I would have done differently.

  1. I would have focused on building my audience. In the beginning, I was sold on the hype about social media. I did everything I could to build my social media presence but ignored building an email list—big mistake. It took six months to understand that things like social media, Periscope, and Blab are not the best way to build an audience. Those are rented platforms that belong to those companies. Your email list is the people who are interested in what you have to offer and are far more likely to buy from you. Think about the phycology behind who’s mostly likely to buy: The person who sees you mention stuff here and there on social media (the organic reach is limited)? Or, the person who reads your emails, and blog posts? When I focused on building my email list, I had someone to talk to, and a few of those people bought my stuff. Today, 90% of my sales come from my email list. Focus on building your email list-social media is not enough or the best way to build an audience that can support you.
  1. I would have stop chasing influencers. Just like most dreamers reading this, I had heard the stories—of a person like me—who had noticed something an A-Lister missed, and they helped them. The A-Lister was so grateful they gave the person a shout out. It’s kind of like a Cinderella story if you think about it. The problem with chasing influencers today is that they’re pretty untouchable. Many of them get hundreds of email a day from people who are trying to connect with them as well. Your email or private Facebook message gets lumped in with the rest. My editor at Entrepreneur Magazine made an excellent observation about this. He said when you feel like somebody is trying to connect with you because they want something; you’re kind of repelled. Think about people who want something from you. Think about the old school telemarketer calls or door-to-door salesperson. How did you feel when they tried to sell you? In a way, that’s what’s happening when you’re trying to connect with an influencer. More than that, it’s taking the time you could be using to build your business on your own. It’s a much different dynamic if you build a thriving dream and then connect with an influencer as a friend—not a follower.
  1. I would have waited to spend money. I thought the key to making progress was hiring a coach or taking courses from the big names. I acknowledge I may have found the wrong people, but all I got was surface level content that was designed to upsell me on another more expensive course. There always seemed to be a better version for more money. I spent over $5,000 when the reality was I just needed to build my audience first. I hadn’t done all the work I could have done on my own, first. If I had built an audience and created the offerings, then hiring a coach or taking a course would have made sense. Don’t spend money—not even with me—unless you’re in a place to benefit from the training.


5 Beliefs That Help You Live a Life They Didn’t Think Was Possible


If you want to get angry or depressed, turn on cable news. I don’t have cable, but I was on a business trip recently and turned on some cable news in the hotel—it was scary and upsetting. You hear bad news on top of predictions of the destruction of our rights, society, and blah, blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong, society and life are in a tough place, but there is more to life than what is being portrayed.

From an early age, we’re taught to color between the lines and exist within our comfort zone. We were sold this idea of the “American Dream,” but once you get old enough, you realize that life is a myth. When guys try to follow a path they haven’t chosen, failure and stress develop convincing us to get back in line.

Living a “great life” will take on a different meaning for every man. I think one thing all men long for is freedom. The ability to spend each of our days on the things that are important to us is a dream. The freedom to control our schedule without worrying about the typical life stressors is priceless.

Believe it or not, there are guys who wake up every day living a life they didn’t believe was possible. I’m one of those guys. I wake up every day experiencing true freedom after spending four years building my dream life. This kind of life is attainable for you. Here are five beliefs that can help you start this journey to freedom.

  1. I’m strong enough to overcome failure. The journey to create a better life is paved with failure. Life doesn’t work out the way we want it to, and failure is an important part of success—it just sucks to go through it. If you realize and accept that failure is going to happen, you can prepare for how you will react and that will help you overcome it. You can choose to be strong enough to rise above whatever unexpected circumstances are thrown at you.
  1. I’m brave enough to reach out for support. I wouldn’t be living my dream life today if it weren’t for the support I had through my friends. There were more days than I can count when I wanted to give up—they helped me through. Sometimes it’s not seen as “manly” to admit you need help and support, but who cares what other people think. A good support system is honest, firm, and encouraging. Good friends don’t sugarcoat it, but they are there when you need them. They can help you live your dream life. 
  1. I won’t let anything or anyone convince me to settle. Life has so much to offer. You may not have the finances to travel the world, but there are attainable goals and dreams in your life. Don’t let anything convince to settle because life is too short. Other people will project the things that terrify them and use their fear to try to convince you. When they tell you it’s not possible, just smile knowing you’re going for it anyway. 


It’s Time to Change What You Believe is Possible

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.45.09 PM-1P.S. I have since booked this gig, gotten 75% of the payment upfront, and have gotten my travel/hotel booked. 

I’ve hesitated to write this post because as soon as you read it, you’ll say something like, “Thanks for the reminder.” Now, I know you don’t mean it in a negative way, but if you think this a reminder, you’re missing something very important in your life. If you are already living your “dream life,” this may be a reminder for you to smile about while you think about how far you’ve come. If you’re not, then I hope this is more than a reminder.

The truth is, we limit our self, our dreams, and what we believe is possible. I wish you were here with me, I’m screaming inside as I write this. Life and opportunities are SO much bigger than we understand. When I had my first $1,500-month in my online business, I was actually afraid. I thought it was a fluke or that people would ask for a refund. This year, I’ve had five-figure weeks. Not months, weeks. I don’t say this or show you this screen shot to brag. I want you to see that someone just like YOU is doing what you want to do. I want you to see that a bread guy from Wisconsin who had NO formal training built this dream. You can do this, too.



I want it to sink in that this isn’t a hobby. This isn’t something that you’ll forever be doing for free. You CAN make your online business dreams of freedom your reality. BUT, it will never happen unless you stop limiting what you believe and go beyond the “pond you swim in.” (more…)

It Only Took Four Years to Become an Overnight Success

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I’ve had some cool wins recently. In the last two weeks, I’ve booked six international speaking gigs, a $2,000-a-month consulting contract (my third consulting contract with a company), and started working with sixteen new coaching clients. It’s been a great start to September!

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and private messages asking what’s the secret to getting speaking gigs, new clients, making money online, and signing consulting contracts. I always have the same answer: there is no secret; you just have to do the work. It’s not sexy, and a lot of people will check out at that point, but it’s the truth.

The Struggle

I hate sharing my wins. I have seen countless Facebook ads advertising the “laptop lifestyle” or how someone can “become a seven-figure Internet Marketer.” Those ads make me sick. I have friends and clients who have spent thousands of dollars only to be disappointed by the hype. One new client spent $25,000 on an influencer we all know and got in legal trouble because of the advice he received.

I don’t want to share my wins because I don’t want to be put in the same category as the scammers. The only reason I share wins is because so many of you reach out and tell me that seeing the wins helps you keep going when you want to give up. Other than that, I would keep wins to friends and myself.

I didn’t leave a six-figure corporate job and pay thousands of dollars for connections and influencer’s to build my dream. I built this dream/business while living paycheck-to-paycheck and taking out PayDay loans to survive. I know what it’s like to want it so bad, but not make any money. I know what it’s like to do all the things the expert’s tell you to do, but you still can’t seem to make any progress. I have the tee shirt to prove it!

The Secret

In interviews, and through messages, I‘m asked about the “secret strategy” that helped break into freedom. I’m asked about the “one or two things I did that helped me.” I wish there were some secret formula because I would give it to you for free, but there isn’t. There’s just the work. (more…)

How I Overcame the Overwhelming Desire to Quit

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about what it was like when I first started down this road to the life I live now. My friends William, Chaka, and David were the only ones there at the beginning. They witnessed the good, the bad, and the downright depressing. A lot of you want to know how I got through those times.

I get emails every day from dreamers who are going through it right now. There are spouses who have reached their limit with the money you’ve spent building your dream. There is the frustration of working hard and not making any or much money. There is the envy of other dreamers who seem to be getting opportunities left and right. It’s hard to build a lifestyle business.

It had taken nine months before I made my first dollar in my business. The first dollars were from my first self-published book. It was a bank deposit from Amazon for $16.82. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It wasn’t much money, but it did come from my dream.

The problem was that I had spent thousands of dollars building, so there was some pressure from my wife to make some real money. I made her promise after promise. I was always studying ways to make money. I talked a good game to her, but wasted a lot of time. Over time, her patience wore thin.

With a lack of income from my dream, a stressful home life, the lack of money from my day job, and more bills than I could manage, I wanted to quit every single day. I wanted to forget I ever heard about the idea of a lifestyle business and try to make the bread job work. This was too hard.

The Moment That Changed My Perspective

Why My Wife Hated My Dream and What Changed Things

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I’d love to tell you that everything was smooth when I built my dream/business. The one thing you hear a lot is that you need support, I didn’t exactly have support in the beginning, but it was all my fault. What started out as my wife supporting me, turned into arguments about why I needed to quit this “hobby.”

In 2011, I discovered the “online world.” The idea of making money from the Internet seemed like the world’s biggest scam to me. I worked with my hands and never touched computers, but reading the story of Amanda Hocking making MILLIONS from her self-published books caught my attention. I started to believe.

I told my wife that I was going to self-publish a book, and she thought it was great. The problems came when I started telling her about the cost of the dream. I had to pay $900 to get a website designed, the book cover done, and the editing of the book. Then, there were other expenses such as hosting for the website, the domain, hiring a coach to help me launch the book, and a few other odds and ends. As the expenses started to add up, she got antsy.

After launching the book and officially have an online business for six months, she wanted to know when the business would start making up the money I spent. Now, I want to make it very clear that everything we talked about, and she asked about, was reasonable. Six months in, I had spent $5,000 and hadn’t made a single dollar. Back then, we didn’t have the money to spend, but I did it anyway.

I kept giving her excuse after excuse and tried to convince her I needed to take a course from a “six-figure” Internet marketer to learn how they did it. Looking back on it now, it’s scary how much money I would have spent to get information that’s freely available if I had just done the research.

I thought spending money was the answer. I thought Pinterest was the answer (that was the new hot thing back then). I thought affiliate marketing was the answer. I thought it was 1,000 other things other than for me to stop talking and start focusing. I think in my mind, I was battling self-limiting beliefs that kept me from what led to income in my dream/business.

Is This Your Hobby? (more…)

The Day I Had to Take Out a PayDay Loan to Pay My Bills

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Chances are, you read my blog because you stumbled upon my work through Smart Passive Income or through one of the articles I’ve written for various publications. You know my story, but it may be hard for you to picture me back then—struggling to build this dream/business.

Through some challenging circumstances at home, I was homeless at 17-years-old. To survive, I got three jobs and dropped out of high school to work towards getting off the streets. I had friends that would sneak me into their rooms and let me sleep on the floor, but there were times when I had to sleep on the streets. “Sleep” is not what happened. There were scary people at night that forced me to sleep with one eye open to ensure nothing crazy happened to me.

I met my wife at one of the jobs, and we got married the day after I turned 18. We got a place together and started an adult life. My wife worked as a manager at Burger King, and I got a job delivering pizzas. We didn’t have many bills, but we also didn’t make much money. We struggled to pay our bills.

We limped through our situation and got better jobs. We made more money, but I was a hot head who didn’t understand finances. I should have learned hard life lessons early on, but I didn’t. Instead, I carried these lessons into my bread business. For 12 years, I had a service business that paid well above six figures. But, I never got ahead financially.

The Loan That Changed Everything

One of the lowest days of my financial life was when I went into a PayDay loan store to get a loan to pay our bills. Our bank account was overdrawn by $568, and we weren’t getting paychecks for a week. I told my bride that getting one of these loans wasn’t a big deal. Back then, I didn’t think about or understand the crazy interest rate you pay on one of these loans. The typical interest rate on a two-week payday loan is between 391 to 521 percent.

As I sat at the counter as the person went through all my paperwork, it hit me how far I’d fallen. It was embarrassing to walk in there, and even more embarrassing to have someone ask you questions that pretty much pointed out why I was a failure in life. I got the loan. I vowed to pay it back ASAP and never take one out again.

I wish I could say I stuck to that vow. Over the next year, I took out several of those loans. I took out one loan that I kept “extending.” For a fee of $80, they would let you extend your loan another two weeks. Since I was reckless, I kept one two-week loan going for eight weeks. By the time I paid off the loan, a $400 load had ended up being $1,200. (more…)

6 Ways to Love Your Life


Life is short. In the last year, I lost the man I consider one of my father figures — my grandfather. He died in December at 87 years old. When I think back on our time together, my memories are filled with love, tears, education, and strength. He lived a full life and taught me how to live through the example he set in his life.

It doesn’t take a death for you to realize that life will quickly pass. I’m sure you can remember a time when you were younger or a memory that was years ago but feels like it was just yesterday. Days and weeks seem to drag up, but often we look up and realize another year is almost gone.

How you spend each moment is important because those moments are limited. You can never get time back, which makes time a precious resource in each of our lives. There are six ways for you to love your life and use each moment on the things that are important to you.

1. Do Meaningful Work

Studies from Gallup have shown the average workweek is now 47 hours. You can spend that time doing something you love or hate. Either way, it will affect the other areas of your life. Despite the recovering economy we live in, you can find or create work that you love. Don’t spend day in and day out waking up to a job you hate. Use the Internet and technology to create your ideal “work” situation.

2. Cherish Relationships

I, for one, cherish my alone time, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for healthy relationships. It can be family, friends, or a romantic relationship, but that connection could be the difference between happiness or misery. Good relationships can lift you up or be the shoulder to cry on when things don’t go as planned.

3. Purge Negativity

Good relationships are necessary but negative ones will hold you back in life. As much as it hurts, purge yourself of relationships that don’t encourage and strengthen you. Besides relationships, purge negative habits, or activities that don’t bring you closer to your goals and dreams. (more…)